This is a website to dedicate to our Mom, Linda App. She passed away unexpectedly on 12/05/2019 and we wanted a way to honor her. She had so many wonderful qualities, her unconditional love, her unwavering support, her humor and of course, her cooking. Everyone who was lucky enough to know our Mom knew her love of cooking. My son Christopher, who is a chef in Seattle, requested a cookbook of her recipes and when I told other family members of his request, they all wanted a cookbook also.
I had started to type and compile her recipes when my sister, Holly brought another box with multiple binders of even more recipes. I then realized that to create this cookbook I would probably decimate a forest for the paper to make it and then it would be so huge I couldn’t afford to mail to people who wanted a copy! My niece, Regan, suggested that a website would be more economical and far more environmentally responsible.
I don’t plan on many, if any, regular blog posts. This will be a place where everyone can get delicious recipes and remember Mom. If there is a recipe that you want but don’t see, please email me and I will look for it. I will also post other family members recipes here. If the recipe has no name attached to it, it is Mom’s. If the recipe is anyone else’s, I will put their name on it. If you have a family favorite recipe that you want to contribute, email me and I will add it to the website. Also, if you find a recipe with an error, like missing ingredients, missing directions, etc. please let me know and I will fix it. Also, all flour stated in the recipes is all-purpose unless otherwise stated.

Thanks and good cooking!

Susanne App Delisle

p.s. I know a few family members have lost the family cookbook that came out awhile back so I will be adding those recipes to this website also.