Sesame Ginger Steak Wraps

App & Osborne Family Cookbook 2004
Holly Steimel

1 C Lawry’s Sesame Ginger with mandarin orange marinade
1 lb. boneless beef top round sirloin steak or boneless skinless chicken breast
2 large red or green peppers, quartered
1 med. red or yellow onion, quartered
flour tortillas, heated
1/4 C mayonnaise

1. In a ziplock bag, pour 3/4 C marinade over steak and peppers and onion; turn to coat. Seal bag and place in refrigerator, turning occasionally, for up to 30 minutes.
2. Remove steak and vegetables from bag and discard marinade.
3. Grill or broil steak and vegetables, turning and brushing with additional marinade until steak reaches desired doneness and veggies are tender.
4. To serve, slice steak and veggies, spread tortilla with mayonnaise and fill with steak and veggies. Roll up and enjoy.

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